What are Montreal Portrait Pop Ups?

October 15, 2019

I heard it over and over…

I just want a few photos.

I can’t find the time.

I want studio photography.

I hate my children’s school photos.

I’m never in any pictures with my kids – I just need a couple.

I was listening to all this over and over and thinking about how I could come up with a solution for all of this.

So I’ll be real with everyone here and tell you how I came up with Montreal Portrait Pop Ups.

First off, for me studio photography is a PAIN in the BUM. First, I have to set up a studio which means hauling all my stuff from home. Then, that damn backdrop – it gives me nightmares. Maybe some photographers have it figured out but if I could pay someone to set it up for me every time I would. So my first idea was how could I do studio photography sessions, but setup and breakdown the studio as LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to save my SANITY.

My next problem was offering people just a couple photos for a small price. I have expenses involved with every shoot I do, and it doesn’t make sense for me to do a bunch of small random shoots for a really low price tag.

That’s when I decided to start Montreal Portrait Pop Ups. This way I could setup the studio and offer smaller priced sessions that worked both for ME and my FAMILIES.

It’s been a success ever since!

A lot of families use it to supplement their yearly photoshoot, or create holiday themed photos. Or they bring their Mom along for the Mother’s Day Pop Up to create a special day. A lot of families just want photos of their kids, or classic photos for the grandparents. Whatever the reason, Montreal Portrait Pop Ups are win-win for everyone.

If you are interested in participating, check the home page of this website to see if there are any Montreal Portrait Pop Ups now booking. If not, sign up to my newsletter where you can learn more about upcoming dates.

If you want to see my other work check out my website here.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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