Choosing a Photographer

October 21, 2019

These days there are more and more family photographers which makes choosing a photographer that much harder. Fun fact, the town I grew up in had exactly one photographer. If you needed family photos, it was in a studio and with him. Now if you ask on Facebook you’ll get 30 recommendations.

  1. Where do I want my family photos? In-home, in-studio or outdoors?
  2. Do I want classic portraits with everyone smiling and posed looking at the camera? Or do I want more casual session with the family looking at each other?
  3. Do I want a storytelling element to my photography session? This may include reading books, dance parties, going on walks, playing hide and seek or anything you want to remember.
  4. If I have a newborn do I want the session to be posed or unposed? With props or no props?
  5. Do I like the look and feel of the editing and images? Is it dark and moody, bright and airy, or maybe very creative with multiple exposures, reflections and interesting angles?
  6. Do I click with the branding?
  7. What does my heart feel when I look at the photographer’s portfolio?

I am shocked by how many enquiries I get where it’s clear that the person enquiring has not even looked at my portfolio. I always double check to make sure that they are OK with my style because I don’t want to have a disappointed client.

Take a look around and really find someone whose work you love.


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