Quick Studio Photography

November 11, 2019

Quick Studio Photography is the premise behind my Montreal Portrait Pop Ups.

When I started my photography business nearly four years ago, I set out to create beautiful in-home sessions. While I still love these slow, storytelling sessions I understand that some families want beautiful portraits and don’t need a full length in-home session.

Many people wanted the clean background and simplicity of studio sessions.

Quick Studio Photography

Many people told me their kids wouldn’t last for longer than 20 minutes.

Others said they just wanted a couple beautiful photos of their kids.

This is why I created Montreal Portrait Pop Ups.

The other reason I created Montreal Portrait Pop Ups? I wanted to be able to collaborate with our local businesses and events. The idea was that I would create beautiful sessions in other spaces around the city. I am pleased to announce that in 2020 this will take place so that even more families can participate in quick studio photography.

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